GMD Detectors, pleased to provide its professional services with ease to all customers, within the sector of exploration devices and equipment, specialized devices for detecting gold and metal and groundwater detection devices.. Our team consisting of several departments is pleased to provide our services to you continuously before and after sales as well. Our services are provided to you from Qatar to all parts of the world.

Sales Department:

The sales department provides you with complete support in facilitating purchase transactions and obtaining your product with the best prices and services. We are pleased in the sales department to receive your official requests for purchases via e-mail or direct contact, so that you come with us with an easy and secure purchase.

How to buy:

You have to contact the sales department and choose the product you want to buy, then the Sales employee will present to you an approved quotation and after your approval of the purchase, will present to you a proforma invoice explaining all the details that enable you to pay the product fees through a bank transfer to the approved bank account of our company.

Note: Our company provides you with all guarantees and documents that guarantee your rights in the purchase process until the product reaches you.

Customer Service Department:

The Customer Service Department is responsible for receiving all your requests and inquiries seven days a week via phone, e-mail and WhatsApp, and through online chats through our website, In order to provide you with support services and answer all your inquiries about services related to products and help you choose the detector that is suitable for you in completing your tasks.

Shipping Department:

One of the most important services provided by our company is express and safe shipping services, our shipping department specializes in exporting products to you in the most accurate way with professional packaging to maintain the safety of the product and its delivery to you safely and quickly, we contracted with the largest international companies in the field of express air freight to deliver products to you within record time with quick clearance procedures, with a full guarantee of the safety of the product and its connection to you without any hindrance.