Videos and Experiences

Titan Ger 1000

Gold & Treasure Detector TITAN GER 1000 DEVICE 5 SYSTEMS

Deep Seeker

Gold metal detector for lost treasures Deep seeker device 5 systems

Easy Way Smart

Easy way smart dual system to detect gold, precious metals, burials, caves and voids underground

Titan 400 Smart

TITAN 400 SMART - Three search systems in one device to detect gold, treasures, voids underground

Diamond Hunter

Diamond And Gemstones Finder Diamond Hunter Plus Device

Titan Ger 500

Underground Diamonds and Gemstones Titan Ger 500 Device New Version

Golden Way

Gold Nuggets & precious metals detector, Golden Way device,with a fully automatic and advanced VLF

GF 1000

GF 1000 33 Elements Detector How to Use GF 1000 Device


IMPACT PRO | Metal Detector with 12 search modes

Using TITAN GER 1000

Exploration and prospecting of gold nuggets in Africa by using TITAN GER 1000

using fresh result 2 systems

Amazing discovery of underground wells in the Kingdom of Morocco using fresh result 2 systems

Primero Ajax device

Tutorial on how to use the 9 systems - Primero Ajax device - best gold and treasures detector


How to use ALPHA device gold, treasures, minerals, diamonds and precious stones

Spark Gold

Spark Gold Detector How to Use and Start Search Summary

MF 1100 Pro

Real Test by MF 1100 Pro When it Confirmed the Location of a Hidden Gold


Long range water locator FRESH RESULT Device 1 SYSTEM

Gold Seeker Device

Finding a piece of gold weighing 6 grams by one of our clients in Mauritania by Gold Seeker Device

Gold Hunter Device

Finding a jar full of ancient bronze coins by one of our clients in Africa using Gold Hunter device

Diamond Hunter device

Finding a small piece of a diamond by one of our customers in Angola using Diamond Hunter device

using a Diamond hunter device

Finding small pieces of diamonds by one of our customers in Africa using a Diamond hunter device


One of our customers in Pakistan discovered a pottery and jar filled with gold by using GOLD HUNTER
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