GMD Detectors®

GMD Detectors Company, a trading company located in the State of Qatar, established in 2015, specializing in trading and selling exploration devices and equipment, Detection devices and systems specialized to detect gold and metal, and exploration for groundwater.

Our company is the first of its kind in Qatar in terms of specialization and great experience that we have in this field.

Since its inception, our company has been keen to be the first and effective company in the field of detection and exploration equipment.

We work continuously to provide the best services to you, and to continuously develop the level of services.

In order for the company to rise to the highest levels and to remain in our pledge with you in providing the best for you wherever you are.

Our company is the exclusive and approved agent for many international factories specialized in this field, and we have exclusive commercial agencies for all the devices that we sell, so we can guarantee you the quality and reliability of all our services.

Our company, through its wise management, is proud to pledge to you always to provide the best and the newest.

Among the main specialties and services provided by our company are:

  • Underground Metal Detectors
  • Gold and Treasures Detectors
  • Groundwater Detectors
  • Gem and diamond Detectors
  • All Systems and kind of Geophysical and Geological Equipment
  • Soil testing and measuring devices
  • Diamond and Gemstone Testers
  • Security and protection devices
  • Hand-held metal detectors
  • Walk-Through Metal Detector ( Security gates)
  • X-Ray Baggage Inspection